Do you have work-holding and or cutting tool applications with components that are subject to frequent wear?  If so, why pay top dollar for replacement parts when a repair option may extend service life at a reduced cost!  

We can work with your process engineers and/or MRO personnel to analyze manufacturing processes to determine if a repair option makes sense.  We offer a wealth of experience in repairing a wide variety of tooling, with an emphasis on those that incorporate brazed or bonded carbide.

We provide repair options for the following tooling applications:

  • Carbide Dies & Die Case components
  • Workrest Blades used in centerless grinding applications
  • Centers (Carbide/HSS/Combo)
  • Tool Holders (Single Insert, Indexible, Custom)
  • Jaws
  • Work-Holding Fixtures

Please visit our Portfolio Page for examples of our work!